Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Bill Hurst's comment on the city issue:

Shenyang in particular has no chance of becoming a zhixishi. It is in too
muhc of a mess for the center to want to take it on and it is not all that
importnat as a hub or economic center. Dalian will almost definitely be
elevated I think for the reasons Victor noted. Also, Qingdao/Yantai will
probably go as well to give the center direct control over the Bohai Gulf
openning and all the FDI flowing into that zone from Korea and Japan. Wuhan
could also go since ti is such a crucial transport hub for central China. One
issue with both Wuhan and Shenyang, though, is what cities could become the
capitals of Liaoning and Hubei. It'd be great to see Benxi get a turn at
being a provincial capital, but I have to think that Anshan would be the city
in line for the post (if it were not subsumed in either the Shenyang or Dalian

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