Friday, September 14, 2007

Former Fujian Party Secretary Song Defu passed away after months of being ill, most likely with cancer. At a young age of 61, there is little doubt that he would have been promoted into the Polituro in October, perhaps taking over from He Guoqiang as the head of the Central Organization Department. Alas, this most capable of Hu's lieutenants saw an early end. To give readers a sense of the depth of his connections and ability, Song in 1985 served concurrently as the first secretary of the Central Secretariat of the Communist Youth League and Vice-Chairman of the Organization Department of the PLA General Political Department. In the 90s, he was in charge of finding jobs and housing for retired military officers....imagine the political capital he built up.





  是中共第十二届中央候补委员,十三届、十四届、十五届、十六届中央委员。第九届全国政协常委。 (中新网资料)

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