Thursday, October 11, 2007

Latest from the rumor mill in Beijing. If true, it would be quite interesting.

Executive VP: Li Keqiang (replacing Huang Ju)
Secretary General of State Council: Ma Kai (replacing Hua Jianmin)
VPs: Wang Yang and Wang Qishan (replacing Wu Yi and Zeng Peiyan)
Beijing Mayor: Wang Anshun
Vice Chairman of CPPCC: Zhou Xiaochuan!!!!
Party Secretary of Chongqing: Bo Xilai!!!

Poor Zhou Xiaochuan; I hope it's not true! Also, if the new appointment is true, I bet Bo is plenty upset also, unless his job also comes with a Politburo seat, which would put him slightly above Dad, sort of. Although dad only ever made it to an alternate Politburo seat, Bo senior was later the vice chairman of the Central Advisory Committee, a shadow central committee. This put him on equal footing with Deng, Chen Yun, and Li Xiannian.

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