Tuesday, October 09, 2007

We are moving ever closer to the all-important party congress. Right now, the central committee is having a final powow on personnel issues and the issue of how to revise the party constitution. I attach an official announcement of the 7th plenum currently in session. Note at the end of the piece, it states "this meeting will summarize the work in the five years since the 16th party congress and make strategic arrangements for the comprehensive promotion of China's reform and opening and socialist modernization construction, as well as comprehensively push forward a new great project in party building." Cryptic enough yet?

A bit of tea-leaf reading nonetheless, since that is the sort of cheap thrill this blog offers. First of all, the phrase "comprehensively building the well-off society" (quanmian jianshe xiaokang shehui) could have easily been used in this sentence. Yet, it appears no where in the announcement. At least, this reflects some hesitation to plaster the phrase all over the place, which signals something. Instead, the old Dengist formulas of reform and opening are used.

Second, I am not sure if my translation is correct, but "a (or the) new great project in party building" suggests some change in the procedural parts of the party constitution (see blog on 9/17). Party building implies procedures and organization, not ideology. So, we'll see.....perhaps this speculation is what lays behind the SCMP piece on the possibility of more inner party democracy. We'll see....

十六届七中全会在京举行 讨论十七大报告稿
http://www.sina.com.cn 2007年10月09日12:08 新华网

  新华网北京10月9日电 (记者孙承斌 李亚杰) 中国共产党第十六届中央委员会第七次全体会议9日上午在北京开始举行。根据此前召开的中共中央政治局会议,这次全会将讨论十六届中央委员会向中共十七大的报告稿、《中国共产党章程(修正案)》稿和中共中央纪律检查委员会向中共十七大的工作报告稿。





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