Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beijing Vice Mayor Gets Suspended Death Sentence Anyway...

Well guys, despite rather sympathetic coverage by the Legal Daily, perhaps the product of a thick envelope from lawyer, former Vice Mayor of Beijing Liu Zhihua will get a suspended death sentence due to "well grounded, sufficient" evidence. At least he won't be carted to the executed ground immediately like Cheng Kejie. In two years, perhaps for "humanitarian" reason he will be moved to the general prison population.


2009年01月21日17:34 来源:正义网
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  一审宣判后,刘志华不服,提出上诉。河北省高级人民法院经审理认为,一审判决认定的事实清楚,证据确实、充分,定罪准确,量刑适当,审判程序合法,裁定驳回刘志华的上诉,维持原判。 (徐日丹)

I happen to know 任继宁. It is not surprised to me that he got his BA at his 29. I am also surprised that he could make it and even got a MBA degree. His score of entry examination to Chinese colleagues in 1988 was verey very low. His entry to a top Chinese university is because of his family ties.
Sorry 任继宁 got his BA at 31!
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