Sunday, May 24, 2009

Still Geniuses Out There

Okay, this princeling worshiping has really gone quite far. Now, we have the media doing stories which pay tributes to the grand children of revolutionary veterans! I am sure their accomplishments have nothing to do with their grandparents and parents' status. Chinadigitaltimes has some nice photos of grandson Bo Guagua to go with the piece. As you can see, he leads a charmed life in the UK....

Oxford star Bo scoops top award in Britain
(China Daily)
Updated: 2009-05-11 07:32
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The son of a high-ranking Chinese official studying in Britain won a special prize at the weekend aimed at celebrating the country's ten most outstanding Chinese youngsters, the China News Service reported Sunday.

Oxford star Bo scoops top award in Britain

Bo Guagua, a philosophy, politics and economics (PPE) scholar at the prestigious Oxford University, was among 10 people given the Big Ben Award on Saturday for his contributions to the community, the report said.

The 22-year-old is the son of Bo Xilai, the former Chinese minister of commerce and current Party secretary of Chongqing municipality. He was chosen from 28 candidates nominated this year for the prize, which is awarded by the British Chinese Youth Federation, the report said.

The other winning candidates include snooker player Fu Jiajun, director and writer He Xueyi and violinist Chen Mei. Bo was the first person from Chinese mainland to be enrolled in the Harrow School before being accepted at Balliol College, Oxford.

He has already written his first book, entitled Uncommonwealth, a sharp criticism on the blind pursuit of fads.

He has also been involved with the Oxford Subsidizing Poor Overseas Student Association, the Beijing Olympics Overseas Student Volunteer Organization and the Adam Smith Institute. He also set up the Oxford University Sichuan Earthquake Fundraising Committee, raising 15,000 pounds ($22,500) for victims of the May 12 disaster last year.

That is because he comes from a family of power. Atleast in China, power means privileged opportunities, money, and, of course, arrogance.
A conservative estimate of the costs of young Mr. Bo's school fees and moderate lifestyle might come in at around 50K sterling. Assuming that Mr. Bo Sr earns 20K RMB per month, that means that one year or Jr's life abroad costs three years of working life for Sr, plus what we might assume to be another three years for support for his wife and others. In other words, Mr. Bo, who has no living expenses of his own, is spending a multiple of 6 times his annual salary on the family. Maybe.....much more.
Well, okay, to be fair though, Bo's wife is a lawyer, who can make a lot of money. Of course, why is she the hot lawyer in town, that's another matter......
Actually, his son was expelled from Oxford.
Actually, his son was expelled from Oxford.
there has been rumor about his being expelled from oxford, as can be found on wiki today...
What's the reason for his expulsion?
im from oxford too. he wasnt expelled from university but he chose to take the year off to do some philosophy thesis and is graduating next year. ive met him a couple of times and he's far more modest than what ive read about him.
Wow, this photo is on People's Daily's homepage (at least today). And here is a people's daily blog on the photo: http://blog.people.com.cn/blog/c1/s329,w1245462863356301

According to the blog, the photo was taken at a masquerade ball, not a bar.
Here is an interview with Bo Guagua. http://news.ifeng.com/photo/person/200906/0615_5135_1203795.shtml

Doesn't look as bas as some people say.
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