Thursday, April 12, 2007

Well, yet another senior official comes under investigation by the Central Discipline and Inspection Commission--this time at my home away from home Haidian District in Beijing. Zhou Liangluo, the ambitious party secretary of Haidian District, was detained by the CDIC on charges of corruption. Anyone who regularly visits Haidian can tell you that the district underwent complete transformation between 2000 and today. It is not surprising--indeed it is expected-- that there be at least some dirty dealings. Note, at the bottom it says that Zhou Liangluo used to work under former Haidian District Chief Tan Weike, who was former Beijing party secretary and current Politburo Standing Committee member Jia Qinglin's personal secretary. Is this a way to get to Jia? I don't think so. They have plenty of ammunition on Jia and his wife. I don't think the CCP wants anti-corruption probe to reach all the way to the top. At most, this is another way of neutralizing Jia Qinglin's political power in the upcoming 17th Party Congress.

反腐矛头指向北京 周良洛遭调查









  1976年8月至1978年6月 河南省中牟县孟庄公社插队、民兵连连长

  1978年6月至1983年7月 清华大学电机系高电压技术与设备专业学生

  1983年7月至1984年8月 清华大学团委组织部部长

  1984年8月至1986年7月 清华大学社会科学系思想政治教育专业学生

  1986年7月至1988年3月 清华大学党委学生部主任科员

  1988年3月至1989年9月 清华大学团委副书记

  1989年9月至1993年12月 清华大学团委书记、学生部副部长、学生处副处长

  1993年12月至1994年12月 中共朝阳区委常委

  1994年12月至2000年1月 中共朝阳区委常委、宣传部部长

  2000年01月至2002年3月 中共朝阳区委常委、区人民政府常务副区长

  2002年3月至2002年4月 中共海淀区委副书记、中关村科技园区管理委员会第一副主任
(Bio on Google Translate:
Zhouliangzhi Lofa, male, Han nationality, Yanshan Jiangxi Province, was born in November 1958, August 1976 and participated in work in October 1981 and joined the CPC in tertiary education and work degree, a Bachelor of Laws degree researcher. From August 1976 to June 1978 Commune seam Zhongmu County in Henan Province queue. militia company from June 1978 to July 1983 high voltage electrical engineering from Qinghua University, specialized technology and equipment Students from July 1983 to August 1984 committee head of the Organization Department of Qinghua University in August 1984 July 1986 to ideological and political education in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University students in July 1986 to 19 March 88, the director of student While Section officer from March 1988 to September 1989 Qinghua deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee of study from September 1989 to December 1993 committee of the Qinghua University. students, vice minister Students Deputy Director from December 1993 to December 1994 the Standing Committee of the CPC in 1994 in Chaoyang district party committee December 2000 to January 2000 the Standing Committee of the CPC Chaoyang district party committee. Minister of the Propaganda Department from January 2000 to March 2002 the Standing Committee of the CPC Chaoyang district party committee. executive deputy head of the regional people's government from March 2002 to April 2002 Haidian District CPC Committee, deputy secretary of CPC. First Deputy Director of the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Management Committee)

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